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    Hi everyone,
    So i’m sitting my GCSE latin this year, and I’m doing Druids and Aeneid out of school (had a tutor but also did a lot of self teaching.) For the prose literature paper, my tutor gave me four types of example question:
    - 5 mark translation question ( I understand this)

    - 8 mark question (eg, from this accout, what impression of Druids and their beliefs have you formed?) It seems to me like mostly describing the text as a whole. Are you meant to give a point, then an example - I’ve been told no need to quote latin but idk - then justify your opinion?

    - ANOTHER 8 mark question, where it offers you two points you may wish to consider in your answer. This one seems very similar to the 10 marker, but I haven’t seen an example of it in my practise paper? As far as I know, you do use quotations and analyse here, giving around 5 points.

    - 10 mark question. 6-7 points with one quote for each point, focusing on authors style. Quote and translate the latin. This one i think I understand but any tips would be appreciated.

    I’ll attach pictures of the examples I have. I'm basically really confused about the actual questions i’ll get in the Literature exam and how to answer them!

    Any help/tips/explanation/links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sooo much

    (ps, is the verse paper similar to the prose?)

    hey! i hope your latin revision is going well.

    with the examples that you've been given, you'll probably be prepared to answer any of the questions that come your way. however, i think the layout is slightly different.

    alongside short-answer questions (1-4 marks), you'll probably find these:

    - a 5-mark translation question
    - 1 or 2 6-mark questions, where you pick 3 points, quote the latin and analyse
    - 1 8-mark question, where you analyse a given passage based on content and style, quoting the latin as you go
    - 1 10-mark question, where you comment on the text(s) as a whole while referring to the author(s)

    the question 'from this account, what impression have you formed of the druids and their beliefs?' is more likely to be a 10-marker. to answer, you would use all the texts that the druids appear in (caesar's druides, and possibly tacitus' last stand if you see anything relevant), giving your opinion to start with and then justifying it with examples. there is no need to quote latin in the 10-marker; if you want to refer to the text, you can quote the english translation or paraphrase.

    the 8-marker may give you 2 points to consider (though i'm not sure if it will in the actual exam). it will also remind you to refer to the latin, meaning to quote and translate.

    the 8-marker and 10-marker may be considered similar, since they're the longer answer questions, and take more time to think about as well as write. however, the 8-marker involves close analysis of a short passage while the 10-marker involves broader consideration of a whole text, or texts.

    the verse will probably be very similar to, if not the same as, the prose, in terms of layout - i.e., short comprehension questions, short(er) analysis questions, a longer analysis question, and an extended response drawing on the set text(s).

    here's a specimen paper for the new spec (though not druids) that might help: http://www.ocr.org.uk/Images/220792-...-material-.pdf

    and here's a useful exam thread: https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho....php?t=5135458

    hope this helps!

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