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am i the only ib student in the world that found that paper difficult?!
everyone else walked out smiling and relieved, so i can't even hope that the grade boundaries will be low. please let me know how you thought it went. i'm scared, got maths again tomorrow and its the even more difficult paper!
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Did you do Methods or Studies? I just got out of Studies, and I thought it was... normal. Not difficult.
The Methods kids had reactions similar to the ones you described--some thought it was impossible, others thought it was easy.
Paper 2 is easy, though--most good IB teachers can tell you what'll be on Paper 2 after you tell them what was on Paper 1.
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i juts finished writing math methods sl paper 2 yesterday and let me tell you the general reaction of my grade (45 or so of us tooks this exam)

paper 1: fair but on the difficult side. All the problems were do-able (except one that was in the form y=a + (x + h)2 +c --- or something similar). People started getting scared after paper 1 because that is generally supposed to be easier than paper 2, and it was essentially pretty tough.

paper 2: much, much harder than anyone expected. The second half of the calculus question, the vectors question, question 1! plagued so many people at my school. It was a mixture of the problems being on the very difficult side of things, and there not being enough time to thoroughly examine the questions posed (1 less question would have been helpful). Not many 6 or 7s should be coming out of my school this year in math.
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