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So lately I’ve been minding my own business like I’m supposed to do in my family. Well, my little sister (she is 10 I’m currently 13 turning 14 next month) was slapping me playfully and I kicked her as a little way of saying stop. It wasn’t that hard. But I was walking my dog with my mom and my sis just a couple of minutes ago and she kicked me! For no reason! I yelled ouch because hey, that was a hard kick! My mom asked what happened and I told her that my sis kicked me. She then asked why she kicked me. I said I don’t know! My mom asked my sis and she said it was because I kicked her earlier. I told her that was because she slapped me and my mom told me to not kick my sis because she slapped me. I told her she was doing that playful slap so I kicked her to tell her stop. Well, my mom yelled at me for a little while after that and then went to ask my sis why she kicked me. I feel like she could’ve asked that earlier! So my sis said “I don’t know” and then my mom was just like oh. Then you should go apologize to your sister. Well... I got yelled at, my sis didn’t even apologize, and my mom doesn’t look like she is sorry for yelling at me. It’s the total opposite reaction for my sis.

Here’s another incident. So I was told to go study in my room for 30 minutes. I couldn’t leave the room until I finished studying. So I was like ok. That should be fine. So I went inside my room and started studying. My sis was running around the living room and made a huge mess! She even broke an expensive vase that my family cherishes. My mom finds out when I come outside into the living room because she just so happened to come home from a little shopping. She goes and yells at me for not watching my sister. The living room is like down the hall from my room and I wasn’t allowed to leave it. So what do I get, my electronics taken away for a month and a bunch of “I’m sorry” notes from my sister. She didn’t get punished. Instead my mom asked if she got hurt.

And here’s another one. So for my sister’s 6th birthday, she wanted to go to Maui. Hey, that’s an entire weekend trip just to celebrate her birthday. When it comes to my birthdays, I ask if we can go somewhere. I mean to like the other side of the island. My mom says no, it’s too expensive. It’s only like a 3 hour drive! All we would need is food, water, the car, and our beach stuff... that’s it. But while my sis gets an entire trip, I get a stay at home birthday with my family. It wasn’t so bad, I got some money and a singing card but I wasn’t even allowed to bring a friend over! My sis was allowed to bring 5 friends to Maui with her. I mean! Seriously!

Here’s another one. So I got my first ever electronic when I was 7. It was the original Nintendo DS. I thought that was the best thing in the world at the time! My sis got the newer version of the Nintendo DS with the camera and voice recording stuff when she was 5. Then, when I was 8, I got an iPod Touch. My sister got a laptop (it was a hand me down from my mom) while I wasn’t even allowed to get one myself! I could care less if it was used. My sis doesn’t like used stuff so she gave the laptop to me. Yay! Anyways, when I was 9, I got an iPad. My sis that year also got an iPad and a Nabi... a Nabi is like an iPad without safari. My mom called me spoiled. Not my sis. My mom bought us all this stuff except the Nabi and the iPads. Also, a couple Christmas’s ago, I just asked for a game to fit my old DS. My sis asked for an entire Nintendo 3DS! Well, my mom got her the 3DS and some games and gave me one too because it was a bogo. Well, I’m happy I at least got something. Oh! I got an iPhone SE in 7th grade because I have band and I kinda needed one. Well, that’s not it... I had to earn that by getting a 4.0 GPA (all A’s) in the last quarter for 6th grade. Now, my mom and grandparents are thinking on getting my sis an iPhone X at the age of 10! How’s that!

Finally, my mom treats me like I’m a sub for my sis. I got an award for outstanding musician last week for band. Well, I don’t know how it happened, but my mom changed the topic of my accomplishment to my sis. I was honestly hurt. I don’t get a lot of attention at my house because of my sis and other family stuff. It’s kinda like I’m a third wheel in a relationship that my best friend is in. My mom doesn’t say good job or well done to me, instead she compares me to my friends who get other prizes that I guess to her, they are better than mine? Well, I feel like I’m overlooked I guess? My mom seems to show me emotions as if she dislikes me and hates me. What do I do? Is this normal?

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