Armed Policeman maybe sacked for killing scumbag Watch

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Jermaine Baker the tactical genius who decided to try and break a prisoner free from a police van was rightly shot, now the heroic policeman who did his duty to protect the public may face the sack. If he does I hope the people who screamed like baboons over jermaine's 'tragic' death see what happens when a thug hold them up with a firearm and the police are too afraid to shoot them.
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Bit unfortunate we don't have a vid of the shooting (as is the case with US shooting), to more effectively understand how culpable the shooting officer was. Will see the outcome of the misconduct investigation. Our coppers are starting to use bodycam in line with US use, and I think this is most sensible. Speaking from my mate though, they most often don't even turn the cameras on.

By the way, the coppers have been cleared of criminal charges by the CPS. This being cleared is in fact lower than the criminal beyond reasonable doubt standard and it means that there is no reasonable chance of a successful prosecution. The misconduct hearing uses the balance of probabilities standard, so it should be more likely the copper would be stuffed under this than under the criminal umbrella. But the CPS decision was, again, lower than the criminal standard.

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