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So Im doing a BA in Winchester School of Art and in second year. The first year doesnt count towards the overall degree and the 2nd year is 33% of the overall grade and the third year is 67%

I’d really like to get a first but Im so worried about the final scoring as Ive not done very well. The second year is split into 4 modules. Two of the modules valued at 4% and the other 2 at 12.5% of the overall degree. I have an upcoming assessment and its the 12.5% of the overall degree.
My scoring so far for this second year has been:
4% of overall grade: 54
12.5% : 48
4% : 61

How much would i need to score for this upcoming assessment and for the rest of next year for a 1st? The final year is double this years marks
Hope this all makes sense!! Thank you
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The answer is that there isn't going to be a specific number, because you have such a range of weightings. I'll try and give you a rough idea, assuming that the grades mentioned so far are percentages.

For the modules worth 4%, you've achieved half marks or higher. That means each of them is worth somewhere between 2% and 3%. Your uni may round those grades up but for safety I'll stick with 2% each.

For the 12.5% module, you achieved a little under half, so that's something like 6.25%. Adding on the 2 and a bit percent from your above units would bring your current standing to ~10-11%.

In a best case scenario you'll complete the remaining 12.5% module perfectly, which would bring your overall total up to ~22-23% for year 2. You seem to be averaging around the 50% to 60% mark though, so I'll be more realistic and say you'll get half marks, which would be another 6.25%. That would bring your year 2 total up to ~16-17%.

So for year 2 I would expect anywhere from 16% up to 23%, which is a range based on what you've been averaging and the absolute best you can do at this point.

For third year, I'll assume you need to hit 70% overall to get the First. That means you need to get somewhere from 43 to 54 out of the possible 67% that you third year is worth, based on the previous 16 to 23 average. To get 43/67, that would mean averaging 65% overall and to get 54/67 you're looking at closer to 81%.

So to summarise, assuming you achieve a similar grade on your final 12.5% module this year, you'll need to get an average of 81% in your third year to get a First. The better you do on your final module, the lower this goes but even getting perfect marks on the 12.5% module only drops your third year requirement to around 65% of the overall marks. I won't sugarcoat this, 65% is higher than you've achieved so far on your second year modules and is totally unreasonable because it's unlikely you'll go from a 50%-60% to 100% for the rest of your second year.

So a more realistic expectation across the board is to get roughly 70% on everything. 70% on a 12.5% module would bring your second year total up to almost 20%, while 70% of 67% is a little under 47%, which when combined with the 20% from second year brings you fairly close to the 70% margin to get a First. So aim for 70% on everything and on the assignments with higher weightings you'll need to aim higher.

I think that's roughly correct but I'm doing this in my head and have probably confused myself (I'll be amazed if this makes sense to someone when they read it for the first time). It's not going to be easy and I'm afraid your current scores don't really measure up to getting a First. You'll need a pretty big jump in your Third year to really push your score up from a 2:2 to a First. But if you aim for a First and fall short, odds are you'll still come out with a good 2:1. Good luck

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