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Was wondering if anyone could recommend any good case studies for the Hazards topic as there are so many to choose from. Tropical storms- I am doing Katrina and Haiyan but apart from that I don't know what to learn. Cheers
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I'm doing:

- Earthquakes - Haiti, and I've remembered some key facts in case I can slot in the Japan one anywhere (e.g. in how they've built skyscrapers in a way so they don't suffer much damage in hazard events).
- Volcano - Pinatubo (good one as you can mention it if a question comes up about responses to/perceptions of hazard events (the Aeta tribe who lived around the volcano mostly didn't evacuate as they thought their god was in the volcano and would save them/wouldn't harm them), in reference to the Philippines being a multi-hazardous environment (Typhoon Yunga hit the same day as the eruption and the rains combined with the tephra to cause lahars) and also with regards to predicting, preparing for, and mitigating the impacts of hazard events (the USGS installed seismometers to measure growing harmonic tremors that started two months before the eruption, and as a result helped in the evacuation of 75,000 people in a 30-40km radius).
- Tropical storms - Sandy and Haiyan
- Wildfire - Fort McMurray
- Multi-hazardous environment - Haiti (but as said above I could slot in the Philippines (Pinatubo, Yunga, Haiyan))
- Local scale hazardous environment - Somerset Levels (the one that came with one of our textbooks).

If you want I could PM you some info about these case studies.
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I’ve done:
EQs - Haiti, Kobe, Tohoku (Fukushima nuclear plant stuff is good), Boxing Day Tsunami
Volcanoes - Nyriragongo, Montserrat, Eyjafjallajokull (good for economic impacts)
Tropical Storms - Katrina, Nargis (good for complete lack of management and evacuation structure)
Wildfires - North Carolina 2011, Fort McMurray (tbh with wildfires just know a few death tolls to slot in it I find it’s mainly general stuff for this one)
Multi-Hazard - Philippines
??Flooding - Bay of Bengal (in coasts but some good stuff about the mangroves and natural protection)

I also have a few rando interesting ones I know like earthquake retrofitting stuff, volcano prediction stuff, Heimay in Iceland (also interesting for protection side to things), some stuff about avalanches in Pakistan
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Hi, i'm predicted an A but trying to get an A* (won't happen) here are all my case studies.

- Mt St Helens (18th May 1980) - example of a rich nation for a volcanic event
- Mt Nyiragongo (17th January 2002) - example of a poorer nation for a volcanic event
- Hati Hurricane matthew (4th October 2016) - Multi hazardous event
- Hati earthquake (12th january 2010) - Multi hazardous event
- Black saturday, Victoria Australia (7th February 2009) - wildfire event
- Hurricane Katrina (23rd August 2004) - Rich nation for a tropical storm

- River Brock (Lancashire) - flooding
- The Amazon rainforest
- Peat Bogs in Indonesia
- London basin for water abstraction

- Holderness coast - Local coastal defences
- The Sundarbans Bangladesh

- Bangladesh population (LEDC STAGE 2/3)
- Japanese population (MEDC - STAGE 5)
- Knowsley - Local health and wellbeing
- Malaria a communicable disease
- Coronary heart disease a non-communicable disease

- Liverpool Toxteth
- Port sunlight

- Antarctic case study
- Transnational corporation - Walmart USA
- Coffee trade for globalisation and trade

Also, here is an essay structure for you. My teacher is a welsh 70 year old and I have basically been teaching myself because he has no idea about this course - so apologies if not to a well defined standard, perhaps you could reply back with any critiques or improvements - also if possible do you guys know how to answer a 4 marker on human: 'How does security ensure globalisation'.

Intro: Just give definitions along with setting the scene, and explain what is understood from the title - introduce case study.
Main: Use PEEL point, evidence, explain, link back to the question - Balance or compare two studies with one another.
Conclude: Evaluate each study with one another and attempt to end it with a question.. e.g. "Hence, can one really conclude that the impact of such events is defined by the economic status of a nation, or is it the environmental factors which are the main causes here?"

A 9 marker should have 2 paras and a conclusion
A 20 marker should have 3 paras and a conclusion
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Is anyone doing contemporary urban environments? If so, what case studies are people using?

I'm definitely going to do both Rio and London and the affect of being Olympic hosts.
Then I'll do Moor Park, Blackpool or Lamb Drove for SUDS use of drainage management
Bengaluru for urban growth
Mumbai for a megacity - Also may do Mumbai to contrast with Los Angeles with the movie industry
Las Vegas for post-modern city (maybe)
Sheffield's Blue Loop for river resoration

Any tips or relies are very welcome as I'm very nervous for this exam

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