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Hello everyone, how are your GCSE exams going so far??

I've so far had an Edexcel Spanish speaking exam, which my teacher said went really well and said that I sounded fluent
I have also had an AQA business exam on a computer and my computer kept on messing up and I didn't get to finish the last 2 pages(i basically lost 20 marks)
I also did my Biology Edexcel exam last week Tuesday, which went quite good for me and I guessed what a gastric band was and when I went home I checked what it meant and I was right and I found the exam very easy as it was just common sense for me
Then I had my AQA R.E(religious education/studies) exam which was alright but I didn't get to finish and I didn't know that question about Shi'as
AND I had my chemistry exam last week Thursday which went ok, but I left 3-4 questions blank and I forgot how to do some calculations
how did your GCSE exams go so far and how much do you have left and what are they?
I've got 19 left
1.AQA Sociology unit 1- next week Monday
2.AQA English literature paper 1- next week Tuesday
3.OCR Geography paper 1- next week Tuesday
4.Edexcel Physics paper 1- next week Wednesday
5.Edexcel Maths paper 1- next week Thursday
6.AQA English Literature paper 2- next week Friday
7. AQA Sociology unit 2- next week Friday
8.AQA English language paper 1- 5/06/2018
9.OCR Geography paper 2- 5/06/2018
10.Edexcel Spanish paper 2 (listening/reading exam)-6/06/2018
11.Edexcel Maths paper 2- 7/06/2018
12.AQA English language paper 2- 8/06/2018
13.Edexcel Biology paper 2- 11/06/2018
14.OCR Geography paper 3- 11/06/2018
15.Edexcel Maths paper 3- 12/06/2018
16.Edexcel Chemistry paper 2- 13/06/2018
17.Edexcel Spanish paper 3 (Writing exam)- 14/06/2018
18.Edexcel Physics paper 2- 15/06/2018
19.AQA Business paper 2- 18/06/2018

Can't wait to get over all these exams!!!
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Good luck with the rest of them!! :rave:

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