Feel really bad for my mum (not working and struggling health)

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I feel so heartbroken for my Mum at the moment.

She's in her late Fifties, hasn't worked for 3 months (off sick on the back of an unfair suspension), is in bad health, and is frantically looking for a job because our living situation is such that she lives at her place of work.

So if her Employer decides to fire my Mum or she is too ill to return or she decides not to go back she loses our home.

I wont go into the politics and culture of her work, but the boss is a psychopath and has always hated my Mum. Shes been off work with work-related stress due to her bullying at least 5 times in the last couple years.

The boss literally has ruined peoples, made up rumours, sent malicious emails, suspended and subsequently demoted several people she doesnt like. You cant even goto HR as she is her personal friend/allie. The board of directors love her.

My Mum is so ill and frail and should be at a time where she works less, but she has no pension or savings (as she always looked after us) and never really earned enough for disposable income.

Today, she got up early, ironed her work clothes for first time in 3 months, got a taxi to the place and was told her work trial was cancelled. The company said they'd emailed her but Mum didnt check her phone.

I feel bad for mum. She has worked there years and bullied for years. Think shes depressed too.

Mum has always worked, and the job market has changed a lot since Mum was young (60s). She also isnt very tech savvy because shes never had to use it in her job.

What can i do? I live 150miles away.

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