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So I'm stuck at a 7- I was wondering what adjustments can I make to turn my grade 7 paragraph into a G8?

The question was Act 2 Scene 2 Romeo's sililoquy. 'Explain how Shakespeare has presented the loe between Romeo and Juliet'

'Romeo's character states that 'but soft, what light through yomnder window breaks?' in describing the 'light' as 'soft' it highlights Romeo's temptation for Juliet. It may be thyat because Romeo's character is so often almost forced to be masculine (ideologies imposed by Elizabethan England's society during the 17th Century), Romeo's character seeks the softness Juliet may bring. Socrates writes about lovers as having to be complementary and to seek what one may lack inside another person. Shakespeare therefore presents Romeo's love for as conflicted and confusing as the 'light' is said to 'break' thw window. 'Break' is a violent verb and that although Juliet's love is enticing and complimentary, it may result in harm or violoence.

Shakespeare also uses biblical imagery towards the end of the excerpt in describing Juliet's 'eyes' as being i9n 'heaven'. Shakespeare presents Romeo's character as though he worships love itself. An Elizabethan, Christian, audience would have been perhaps shocked at this statement as- since the vast majority were Chritians- would have seen this statement as perhaps blashphemy (in the Bibile it states to not worship 'false idols'). Romeo's love is presented as extending beyond what is considered love but indeed worship. The biblical imagery present in Act 3 Scene 2 where in the party, the pair flirt with one another where Juliet calls Romeo a 'pilgrim'. Shakeseare uses biblical imagery and blasphemous undertones to emphasise the illegalality of the pair's relationship'

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