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I am enlisted on the IB program for next year doing HL Physics, Econ, CADCAM and SL Maths, Spanish & English. I've been given "advice" by people in my year but none from people actually taking the IB. What are the things that you do in IB and what are the two years like. How is balancing the IB with hobbies and what is the Uni application process like as the results come in after high school is over.
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As you probably already know alongside your 6 subjects you’ll also have core as well. Core is CAS (creativity, action, service), EE (extended essay) and TOK (theory of knowledge). CAS is done over the two years, TOK is generally split across the 2 years as well. So TOK presentations in the first year and the essay in the 2nd year - essay titles are not released till the 2nd year. I don’t know about other schools but I did my EE in my first year over about 5 months, so that by the beginning of the 2nd year my EE was completely done. IB exams are in May and are typically over 3 weeks so you may want to start getting revision notes done in your first year because you don’t really have thay much time between your exams (I had 3 exams in one day).

When it comes to balancing IB with hobbies, organisation and time management is key but it is 100% possible. I had a part time job, was still able to socialise with friends and keep up with my IB studies - I was predicted 41. Having said that there are times during the IB when you won’t be able to do as much outside your studies but it really depends on how you organise your time. I will say though, try to make sure you don’t fall behind deadlines your school sets for things like EE, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress that way.

I can’t speak for any other country but in the UK, the ib looks great to unis because it showcases you as a well-rounded student as well as an independent thinker. Think of all the activites you’ll do for CAS and the independent research/ essay writing you’ll do for TOK and EE, not to mention the fact that you’ll learn a different language.
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Aside from the generic stuff, I found these thing to be helping me get through.
  • Don't hesitate to ask for help, make sure you communicate with teachers and classmates
  • Do other things, join a sport, club, etc. Keep yourself occupied and balanced, don't just use all your time for school
  • Sorry for this, but please manage to your time. Procarstination is probably the biggest problem in this school
  • Have a plan, or schedule that will help get through the day regarding homework or tests
  • If necessary find good online tutorial courses. Last year I used these courses (linguatrip)as I am not a native
  • Get work done whenever possible. If you finished lunch earlier and have some homework due in a week, do it now and save yourself some time
  • Don't strees yourself out too much, give youself time for yourself

IB is a very challenging program that pushes you to your limits however, the pay is rewarding and going through it with your friends is an amazing experience.

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