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I have nearly finished the LPC and I've been wondering if the modules I've selected at stage 2 will prevent me from pursuing other areas of law in the future...

I am currently studying personal injury/clinical negligence, family law and advanced criminal law. However I had changed my modules early on in stage 2 (I dropped advanced commercial law and employment law). The more I think about it, the more I regret dropping those modules because I do not really find my current modules that interesting.

How would I explain this if, for example, I applied for paralegal roles or training contracts with commercial firms? I dropped the modules essentially because I found the tutors not particularly clear and found that the teaching style on the modules was quite rushed and complicated so then I obviously just opted for the more straight-forward modules in the hope that the teaching styles would be more clear and allow me to get the highest grade possible (hopefully!).

I feel that the skills I have developed and my own personality is better suited to commercial areas of law, but I am worried that my module choices on the LPC will scupper any hopes I have of joining a commercial practice.

Any information or advice you could share would be really appreciated!
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I've been in law a few years, and can't recall every being asked what my LPC modules were.

I suppose it might be a question at paralegal or TC interviews. You could get asked why you choose those modules if you are applying to do a different type of law........

I think the best way to answer that is by having a good explanation for why you are applying to the type of firm you are applying to. You can be confident in explaining this: firms will completely understand that students will change their mind as they consider their options, but they do want to know that you are passionate and interested in the type of law you are trying to get into.

There is nothing wrong with being interested in personal injury law during study, so long as you are very interested in commercial law too if that is the type of law you want to practice!

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