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Deaf couple would like a deaf child watch


    that is absolutely mental and completely selfish.
    Theyre creating a designer-disabled baby, and although it wont be seen in the same way, it is just as bad, no-worse, than parents saying "i want it to have X colour hair", and discarding every foetus that does not show those genes until one comes along that does.

    Any people with that attitude should not be allowed to have a kid, and thats BEFORE you factor in that being deaf will severely hinder it throuhout its life - no doubt the kid, in a 'neutral' upbringing would choose to be able to hear.

    just read the whole article, and the parents said "being deaf is not about disability"

    just wanted to put that phrase under the microscope for a second...

    deafness: lacking or deprive of the sense of hearing wholly or in part
    disability: A physical or mental incapacity, either congenital or resulting from an injury or illness etc.

    so just so we're clear - a disability can be defined as a physical or mental incapacity, and deadness is lacking sense of hearing...sounds like deafness IS in fact a disability to me...so don't know what the parents-to-be have been smoking

    The thought of someone inflicting that on their unborn child is disgusting. What if i want a blind child? Its just not on. I cant imagine the resentment the child would have for the parents, they are selfish.

    "According to according to clause 14/4/9 of the bill, the selection of a hearing child through IVF is permitted, but embryos found to have deafness genes will be automatically discarded"

    This worries me more than anything, deaf people can make an invaluable contribution to society, many have. Screening them out before birth just seems plain wrong. But it seems this clause is unlikely to change.
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