Starting college/sixth form without friends?

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Hi I am starting either college or sixth form in September. I have 3 conditional offers - 1 from college and 2 from sixth forms. I am leaning towards the college because I don't think I could stand another 2 years in a school (I can't wait to leave) but I am still going to all the taster days and keeping my options open. Also at one of the sixth forms, I have 5 friends from karate in the younger years so that is my second choice. If I go to the college, my best school friend will be doing A levels there as well but if I go to either of the sixth forms, I will not be going with anyone. My best school friend is my only real friend at school so I definitely want to make more. Most of my friends are outside school (my old primary school friends/my karate friends.)

I have already been through a similar situation with starting secondary school alone because all my primary school friends went to a different secondary school. Years 7 and 8 were horrible for me especially since most lessons were with our tutor groups and I hated my tutor group and only have one person I sometimes talk to in my form. I hope A levels will not be a repeat of this.

What were your experiences of starting college/sixth form or are you in the same position as me?

Also my school doesn't have a sixth form so I would be going to another schools.
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I started a new sixthform where all my previous friends remained at my old school. I found that talking to people at the school open days and school events helped meeting people. I have a few strong friends now, but it depends how easy you find social interactions. Hope this helps

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