How do I explain “Emotional Memory” without having to get too personal?

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I’m studying Drama in high school and I’m finishing the last of my coursework. One thing that I’m missing from it is some information on how I used the technique “emotional memory” in the most recent play. Emotional memory means showing an emotion onstage based of past experience in an actor’s life. That doesn’t sound too bad, until I remembered what experiences I used in my play.

My character starts off caring and selfless, but she also hides her true personality with her smiles and kind of acts somewhat “false”. I based this off my experience of hiding my true self behind a shy and timid persona that I’ve been doing for about three years, which caused some tension at my school in the past. I have little self esteem when it comes to myself so that was the best way to cover up.

Another part is where my character lashes out at her now ex friend for something she did. She acts really angry and also really insane. I don’t get angry often, so I based this off the meltdowns I used to have as a kid (I’m on the autistic spectrum) which looked demonic.

I don’t know if I would feel comfortable mentioning all this in my coursework (written or out loud), but I can’t lie about it because there’s a chance that I’ll be asked about it on the spot (and I’m a rubbish liar). I can’t tell anyone either not even my teacher as this was what caused me to not do as well in this class (I did nail this particular part of the class though). What can I do about this?

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