Need an Interpretation for Tissue? AQA literature Paper 2 & comp w/ London

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Rough ideas but may be of use to anyone lost on this poem. Poet context cut and pasted from google search.

TISSUE Power: humanity’s power over nature is an illusion and only ever temporary; humanity robs itself of its true creative potential by binding itself in the past through paper; identity – humanity hides from its true self through believing in the identity it creates for itself through paper; (spiritual interpretation) Light: key symbol of true human creativity and potential; hidden identity and power; nature as a benevolent force trying to awaken humans; the soul or God within Biblical / Koran connection: Paper / Tissue / all in the end turn to dust or dirt – humanity was raised from the dust or dirt as clay and fashioned into being; temporary bodies like paper/tissue Tissue

Possible Interpretations: • Humanity limits its potential for creative expression by binding itself to an egotistical urge to record the past. o How? Paper represents the recording of past experiences. The examples given of these past experiences are made to appear mundane, and ultimately, meaningless. o Light is symbolic of and represents the true, limitless creative power of humans; it is shown as breaking through all the boundaries that humans place between it. These boundaries are humanity’s attempt to make sense of the world and their place in it. The light reveals these boundaries as fragile and illusory.
o If humans accept their temporary existence, their mortality, then they will be able to experience the limitless creativity available to them. This is only realised when the urge to record and the past is released.
o The light could also represent nature and how nature has no regard for any boundaries placed upon it by humans. There is also a sense that this light is almost trying to guide, or wake up humanity because it is humans who are imprisoning themselves.

Imtiaz Dharker Poet Imtiaz Dharker is a Pakistan-born British poet, artist and documentary filmmaker. She has won the Queen’s Gold Medal for her English poetry. Dharker was born in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan to Pakistani parents. She was brought up in Glasgow where her family moved when she was less than a year old. She was married to Simon Powell, the founder of the organization Poetry Live, who died in October 2009 after surviving for eleven years with cancer. Dharker divides her time between London, Wales, and Mumbai. She says she describes herself as a "Scottish Muslim Calvinist" adopted by India and married into Wales. Her daughter Ayesha Dharker,, is an actress in international films, television and stage.

London - ‘charter’d’ – same idea man’s connection to nature has been lost leading to misery and an eventual loss of the inner self / identity because everything is written and recorded as facts and controlled by maps and documents; - ‘mind-forged manacles’ humans have created this prison for themselves through the worship of industry over nature; the rich imprison the poor for personal gain; man is cut off from nature and hence his inner-self - ‘Marks’ – lines on the flesh that record the ‘woe’ and suffering of humanity; imprinted and recorded as a consequence of losing connection to nature

- Form: Tissue; unrestricted free-verse no formal pattern to its composition mirroring the idea of breaking out of the restriction of formal rules; wheras, London has a very strict rhyme scheme and meter (iambic tetrameter) that mirrors the restrictive, formal, working lives of the majority of men and women; the meter creates a continuous, repetitive rhythm that reflects the monotony of the common person’s life.
Context: Dharker has a spirtitual, multi-cultural background she embraces other cultures and sees the potential for all cultures to blend ‘Scottish Muslim’. Blake was a Christian mystic who believed in the inner reality of God within man. He had many personal mystical experiences including visits by Jesus Christ and angels. The comparison is that both poets are concerned with humanity’s true inner nature.
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