Confusing question regarding the 2018 AQA English Literature Paper 1 (and 2)

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On the pink answer book it said to "write the 2 digit question number in the two boxes provided next to the first line of your answer" and so I wrote the first question's answer which consisted of many paragraphs. The 2 boxes next to first line of each of the paragraphs belonging to the first question I put "02" (the number for the Macbeth question) because I wanted to make it clear that those belonged to question 2.

However, after taking the English Literature Paper 2, I encountered the last question which was 27.1 and 27.2. The thing I realised is that there are 2 boxes for the first 2 digits of the number which is 27. The first "27" written down in the box is going to be processed into the machine as "27.1" as it is the first one and the second "27" will be processed into the machine as "27.2" as it is the second one, third "27" will be processed into the machine as "27.3" and so on...

Now the thing I'm worried about is that the machine might process all the paragraphs to my question 1 as individual "02.1", "02.2", "02.3" and so on and the only paragraph that would be marked would be "02.1" leaving out the rest of the "02". I did this mistake on all of the questions on my English Literature Paper 1 and I'm quite nervous of what the outcome may be. Does anyone know if this is what will happen?- If they'll completely ignore the rest of my answers that aren't the "2.1" or "(insert question number).1".

Sorry if it sounds so confusing ;-;
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I have done that too. Don’t worry. İf you have clearly changed the topic and the examiner knows that the two sections are clearly different then theres no problem. İts not like examiners dont know how the paper is layed out, İf they are an examiner then they should be clever enough to figure out that they are both different questions

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