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Can you use what ever case study you want. For example i have a revsion book that has differnt case studies that are easier can i use them . Will it still count.
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Since we're talking about CCEA we already did the unit 1 exam, a couple of days ago, so case study wise you must be talking about UNIT2 GCSE CCEA GEOGRAPHY, acording to the spec there are 10 case studies for ccea gcse unit 2 geography, you are free to use the "easy ones" but only if you follow what they said for each case study so read the conditions of the case studies right here:

1)evaluate the positive and negative impacts of international
migration using one case study of a country within the European Union:
− numbers migrating, their origins and destination; and
− impacts on services and the economy;

2)describe and explain the growth, location and
characteristics of shanty town areas, using one case study of an LEDC city

3)use one case study of an MEDC city to demonstrate
knowledge and understanding of one urban planning scheme that aims to regenerate and improve the inner city zone in terms of:
− housing;
− employment opportunities; and
− the environment; and

4)describe one named strategy that is attempting to reduce
the global development gap.Select the strategy from the following list: Millennium Development Goals, Make Poverty History, Jubilee 2000 or the ONE organisation. Explain how the chosen strategy attempts to reduce the development gap identifying:
− the country and/or organisations;
− the core aims of the strategy; and
− the action(s) taken.

5)know and understand how globalisation both helps and
hinders development with reference to one case study from an LEDC or NIC;

6)investigate one case study from an LEDC of a
sustainable project that uses appropriate technology, and describe and explain how it aims to use technology to progress economic, environmental and social improvements;

7) identify and evaluate measures to manage traffic in a
sustainable manner, using one case study of a city within the European Union (excluding the British Isles);

8)evaluate the benefits and problems of one renewable
energy source (wind or solar or biofuels) as a sustainable solution, using one MEDC case study;

9)know and understand why a range of sustainable waste
management approaches is required, using one case study of a local government area.

10) assess the impact of one sustainable tourism project on
the local community and the environment, using one case study from either an LEDC or an MEDC


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