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I got unconditional offers from Edinburgh (MSc Policy Studies) and Durham (BSc Global Politics). And I’m having trouble choosing between these 2.

The course contents are quite similar. I’m not sure which uni is better in this subject.
I don’t really care much about the cities either, I’ve been to both.

I’m an international student, I think Edinburgh has a much higher international recognition?
While Durham Uni seems more prestigious (at least in the UK).

So please give me some advice, it’d be really appreciated! Thank you.
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Well done on getting unconditionals

Durham is very prestigious, more so than Edinburgh, its considered one of the top Unis below Oxbridge - both internationally and within the UK

That being said, Edinburgh is a very good uni still, and whilst it is lower than Durham in the general university league tables, it is one of the top unis for the subjects you are doing

Honestly, it depends on what you want out of uni. If you just want your head down studying and getting a degree, Durham may be your best bet.

But I see lots of people dropping out of Durham as it doesnt fit their standards of a "university experience".

Edinburgh is a lot more vibrant and exciting, one of the best cities for students.

As I believe international students have to pay quite a lot, Id recommend going for the uni based on other factors - both of those Unis on your CV will make employers go wow, but it is better to go to a uni you think you will enjoy, league tables arent everything.

For this reason, id personally go for Edinburgh

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