Can someone help me with planning this essay pls for families and households

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Assess the view that it no longer makes sense to talk about the “patriarchal family”?
TSR Jessica
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.
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You could say....

March of progress view-
More women are working so there is less reliance for men to provide financially for the family
Traditional gender roles are disappearing- cliche mum- cooks and cleans and working dad

Some other sociologists- I can’t remember who- say that “ more educated women do less house work and the traditional stereotypical motherly role
More men are doing homely stuff

Triumphant of liberalism and feminism
Women have choice
Women are in the work place more than they were in the 70/s for example- employment stats suggest this
Equal maternity pay- bringing in govt policies here from coalition
Changes in socialisations and aspirations - women are career focused heavily

However- there’s a lot of critiques u can bring

Like how women still do 30 mins more housework than men per day
Women still end up giving up careers to look after the kids more than men - show stats
I’m pretty sure u can bring in some domestic violence stats too
Radical feminists arguments if your looking at it from a theoretical view point

- did alevel soc sometime ago and remember some stuff !!!
Good luck
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(Original post by Rudolf123)
Assess the view that it no longer makes sense to talk about the “patriarchal family”?
Hey you didn't mention how many marks the question is but if I were you I would do this:

Intro - define patriarchal family. And literally just state what your essay will argue "this essay will argue patriarchal family should be/should not be talked about"

Body -

I would mention feminist theories of family and at the end of each paragraph critcise it using functionalist/marxists and perhaps postmodern. I would also write about gay/lesbian families. At the end of each paragraph relate it back to the main question.

In conclusion say whether a) all your evidence (body paragraph) largely shows patriarchal family makes sense or not and therefore b) if they should be talked about. That creates a bit of focused nuanced answer which is sure to get you high marks.

Hope this helps!

Remember its sociology, as long as you sprinkle it with a few known theorists and stats, the rest you can literally just blag.

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