Third year at college or foundation year?

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Right, I'm coming up to the end of my first year at college and I do alevel in geography and two art subjects. In the recent few months, I've been reconsidering my career path, as I wanted to do film, now I want to go with geography or maybe even science in geography or a job involving travel mainly. (If anyone has any suggestions for jobs that involve travelling and geography, please say)

But I have the option to change 2 of my alevels so I have a better range of academic alevels, but this means I'll have to stay an extra year. However if I choose to do geography degree I don't need to change my alevels and can continue what I'm doing now, but worried that this may effect my future employment that I did quite crap alevels. And if I did want to do science I could do foundation year, what's peoples opinions on foundation years against 3 years at college?
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Employers don't care about your A-level subjects; they will barely care about your A-level grades. Your options may be suitable for some Geography courses, it might be worth checking with individual course providers and seeing what their entry criteria state and perhaps contacting them directly. I doubt a foundation year would be necessary though...For a course more in the Earth Sciences realm, however, you would need at least some science background. However, there are quite a number of good foundation year courses associated with Earth Science degrees at various universities (Manchester, Leeds, and Southampton I believe all have such foundations, and well regarded Earth Sciences courses and departments).

It may also be possible, if you decided after pursuing the scientific angle for a year you would prefer to pursue a more social science/humanities oriented Geography course, to progress to a course in that realm at one of those universities (I can vouch that at Southampton a few each year around the time I did their SFY went into e.g. Business/Management or Social Sciences courses like Politics etc). This would probably be better than spending another year at college/school, and you can get used to the uni environment at the same time. This is probably done on a case by case basis depending on numbers applying for the relevant course(s) in a given year however and may have secondary requirements (like getting a certain mark in one or more of your foundation modules).

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