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Guy fancies my b/f watch


    That's pretty weird, you not thought of telling your halls management or the university to see if he can be removed?

    (Original post by Stealth-Mode)
    The problem lies with your bf.

    Sure the other guy is an obsessive stalker- but he is in love, and single. Your bf is supposed to be in a relationship with you and yet he panders to this guy, who he must know fancies him, just because he is a 'nice guy'? It would be nicer to stop leading the boy down the garden path, not allowing him to believe that there may be a possibility your bf really does like him deep down and that it is only a matter of time until he realises this himself, or with help, and dumps you for him. Love or, perhaps more accurately, infatuation will render one's rationality dormant.

    You must tell your BF to tell this guy in no uncertain terms where he stands, do not be 'nice' about it and obscure the true message. It is his responsibility to do this not only for himself, or that other guy, but mostly out of respect for you. If this guy was a girl and shamelessly flirting with him, he, at least i would assume, be more wary of pandering to her whims whilst you are aware. This is just plain disrespectful to you by your bf, not having a backbone is not the same as being 'nice'.
    Superb post Stealth Mode - I think therein lies the problem.
    I would approach the gay guy + your BF and tell him in no uncertain terms:
    To get over your BF and leave us alone to be happy as there is NO chance in hell of you (gay one) of ever having my BF.
    It hurts (I only know too well) but you need something that winds you so powerfully that shows you reality.
    I hope it goes well.
    I am not sure what that was about self-harm, but seriously if it gets that bad go and seek professional advice.
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