Progression Questions [Edexcel] Biology Paper 2

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Down below I have some progression questions for SB6 if you find these useful please rep and ill do some for topic SB7. This should not be your only revision source. If it has a H in front then its only for higher spec

What happens during photosynthesis?
Why is photosynthesis important for all life on earth?
How is a leaf adapted for photosynthesis?
What is the equation for photosynthesis?
What are the limiting factors of photosynthesis?
How do these factors change rate?
(H)How is the rate of photosynthesis related to light intensity?
How are diffusion and osmosis different?
How do plant roots use diffusion, osmosis and active transport?
How are root hair cells adapted to their functions?
How do different factors affect transpiration?
How are xylem and phloem adapted to their functions
How is sucrose trans-located?
what are the names of some plant hormones?
What are postive and negative phototropism and gravitropism?
How do auxins cause tropisms in shoots and root?
How are auxins used by plant growers
What are the uses of hibberllins
How do farmers ripn fruit after its been removed from tree?

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