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friend lies again watch

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    posted as anon, my friend knows my name on tsr

    right, i'll make this as simple as i can. i've got a friend at college who does the exact same subjects as me and after changing career paths from law to economics to french and law to now medicine (medicine being the career path i have always wanted to do) lied about the janaury results he got last thursday at college. he even copied my glasses. besides that, he lied about his results and we are supposed to be best buddies. he's going around saying he got the same MARKS as me for two subjects. i was chuffed for him, surprised at the coincidence till he showed me what he really got (ACDE). tonight on the phone he kept on going on about how he got ABCD as if i had forgotton. i was confused and thought i'd leave it but on msn after, he started annoying me rambling on about uni choices - i flipped at that point and just asked him why he lied to me when he blatently showed me what he got and his reason was "oh yeah i forgot it was you, i got ACDE but to everyone else its ABCD....lol...." i'm just sick of it! he claims he's insecure - he's not - he's ******* deluded! it really ticks me off too! he's thinking of applying to the same unis as me (surprise surprise) except he wants to apply to oxbridge and i don't. i dont know how to react to him anymore. i've dealt with this **** for six months and kept my cool but he's really pushing his luck and our friendship.

    Tell him...if he values your friendship he'll cut the crap. If he's insecure, the last thing he wants is losing his friends.

    Have a long talk with him at some point before you say anything you might regret.
    It sounds like he likes to make himself shown as better - whether through insecurity and confidence issues, or through an attention seeking scheme.

    If he doesn't respond well to a genuine invitation to a proper chat then you're probably best not getting involved.

    Obviously he feels intimidated by you. Why else would he lie? I think he is insecure but you should tell him you don't appreciate him lying. Lying includes to everyone else as well.

    pre-emptive strike I feel. Start doing things badly ,dressing badly , saying terrible things then laugh at him copiing you...
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