One sore breast at 17 (Sorry TMI) Watch

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I'm 17 nearly 18 and for a month or 2 now I've noticed that my right breast is sore. It feels like muscle pain just at the right hand side of the breast, like I can feel it when I raise my arm and if I'm putting roll on deodorant. I know it sounds weird but out of curiosity (and mainly worry) I cupped both breasts and just had a feel around. I don't really know how breasts are made up inside but if you can imagine at the "back" of both breasts where my actual chest or bone structure is they both have a sort of lump that you can get with your fingers, but the sore breast's lump feels bigger than the other one and it hurts, nothing sharp, just like an ache. As far as I know I finished puberty a good while ago, so what is this? I can sort of pin point the pain and it's almost as if it's on my ribs a tiny bit beside the breast as well but most of it seems to be in or behind the breast. I know I should go to the doctors or something but I'd be embarrassed and I hope it's nothing serious, maybe just sore muscle tissue? Any advice is really appreciated, thanks!
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get your GP to check it out. they won't mind.

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