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Hi guys, so I'm in my first year of my a level and I'm suffering with revision, I didn't take it seriously in the beginning and I have no idea how to revise , have you guys got some good tips for revision? or any examples of your reivision? Thanks x
Satori Tendō
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for Eng lit, specifically prose and drama. I lay out central themes, and characters and make quote banks based off of them. Then I analyse each quote to practice A02 skills, I do this by annotating around a quote like a mind map and exploding each word. Obviously for context, I have to memorise relevant points and find ways to link it. Its also nice to know context about the author directly and the novel
Also, for drama I memorise quotes from critics for A04 with revision cards and rehearsing. By quotes I mean the things they have said that are important, not everything.
For poetry, (I do edexcel for eng lit btw) the exam board has a very good source of information where all of the poems are analysed for you. Its basically the teacher's material, Its a life saver!! Also, they have a bunch of unseen poems that are similar in style to exam questions that you can practice annotating. When annotating an unseen poem I time myself 10 minutes and quickly try to find things I can say about Structure, Language, form etc...

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