CCEA GCSE History 2018 Unit 1 Predictions

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What are your predictions for the Unit 1 exam on Monday? I have a feeling there might be a question on violent opposition to Weimar and one about persecution of the Jews so far but I am really unsure.
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Hey. I have all the exam questions for option 1- option 5 here.

2a) Two ways nazis used Police State to control the lives of people between 1933-39 (4m)

2b): In what ways did the nazis take action against the jews in germany between 1933-39 (6m)

2c) Girls and women 1933-39 (15m)

3a) describe 2 of hitler’s foreign policy aims. (4m)

3b) Sudetenland (6m)

3c) How the nazi broke the terms of the Treaty of Versailles 1933-38

(Rearmament, Austria)

11ai) Nationalist reacting to hunger strikes of 1981 (6)

11aii) Why PIRA emerged by 1970 (9)

11aiii) How far would you agree that the civil rights movement did not believe in civil rights and had no respect for law and order? (12)

11b) In what ways did O’Neill deal with the economic problems facing Northern Ireland in the 1960s? (6)

11c) How effective were the governments of Britain and Northern Ireland in responding to increased violence in Northern Ireland from August 1969-August 1971? (17+5 SPAG)


2a) Two ways in which nazis tried to control churches in Germany 1933-1939

2b) Consolidation 1933-34

2c) How did theGermany economy and the lives of workers changed between 1933-39 (15)

(polices to reduce unemployment, actions affecting the lives of workers)

3a) Two agreements which Germany made with others countries between 1933-37

3b) Austria 1938

3c) Sudetenland, Czecoslovakia + Poland (15)

11ai) How violence increased in NI in the summer of 1969 (6)

11aii) Why were some people in NI opposed to O’Neill’s policies (9)

11aiii) How far do you agree that the hunger strikes were a success for nationalists and a failure for the british government? (12)

11b) Government of NI and Unionist people’s response to the civil rights movement August 1968-January 1969 (6)

11c) The people of NI didn’t want powersharing to work in 1973 and 1974, do you agree? (17+5SPAG)


2a) 2 ways Reduce unemployment 1933-39 (4)

2b) Propaganda and censorship (6)

2c) How and why Nazis persecuted Jews 1933-39 (15)

Nazi racial theories and polices

Actions towards jewish people

3a) Two ways to break Treaty of Versailles 1933-35 (4)

3b) Sudetenland (6)

3c) Increased control in Europe between 1936-March 1938. (15)

Rhineland + Austria

11ai) Anglo-Irish Agreement 1985 unionist reactions (6)

11aii) Why did Civil rights movement emerge in the late 1960s (9)

11aiii) How far would you agree the Falls Road curfew of July 1970 was the most important factor in changing relations between nationalists and the british army august 1969-august 1971? (12)

11b) Reactions and responses to Bloody Sunday, 1972 (6)

11c) “O’Neill’s policies and actions improved life in Northern Ireland in the 1960s” Do you agree? (17+5SPAG)

so basically, there's everything there apart from weimar - my school has told our class to leave that question out. the thing that annoys me is that we only have 3 past exams to rely on - and only 2 of those exams are on ccea, and more than half of the questions don't even have their allocated sources, so we technically can't really do past papers for option 5.

any predictions? I honestly don't think it'll be jews because it was asked last year, but it's still a possibility. Other minorities may appear, though...
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Hi there. Thanks for posting those questions. Seems like centres taking question 1 is rare. Ours does. We both do key issue 2 though. For that I have revised Nazi consolidation of power, reducing unemployment, and improving workers' lives. Be careful though because reducing unemployment came up in 2015 and a year later in 2016.

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