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Recently, an older girl asked me out and it seemed clear that she had feelings for me. But at the time, I had issues of my own to sort out so I politely friendzoned her but hinted that we could be a thing in the future. Regardless, she said she would take this "relationship" on a friends level and what not.

Anyways, me being me I added this girl on Snapchat and instagram. Her instagram is literally an empty profile and well Snapchat, she never adds anything to her story or sends me private snaps. Well, she probably does use Snapchat to add stuff to her stories but it just so happens that maybe she blocked me from seeing her stuff yet she can see mine...

I was depressed at one point based on the way this potential "crush" was acting and my sister noticed. My sister wasn't happy at all and told me to block her too.

The thing is, I am somewhat over it now but I am wondering why is she acting so weirdly. I don't care what anyone says but having an empty Instagram account and using Snapchat solely for viewing other peoples snaps is just ****ing weird. It's like having bank accounts with no money! Why have a bank account if its just always empty? You are better off not having one in the first place. Anyways, if I were to meet future women how do I ensure that it is going to a two way street, i.e. they have a proper instagram account etc.
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tbh a lot of people have accounts like that— it’s not weird at all and I don’t know why you’re so bothered about it. Not everybody likes using social media.

There are pressures to have social media today and it’s almost necessary to keep in touch with others, even when she may not be that into social media and posting stuff for everybody to see. Also the bank analogy is a bit useless, as just like how you would need an account to put money in at a different time, she may want to post stuff in the future.

She may also not send you private snaps but if she has Snapchat then she probably uses it to keep in touch with others ?? I rarely put anything on my story but I find Snapchat a great way to talk to a lot of people.

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