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    Broke up with my bf-who i honestly thought i was falling for, a couple of months ago-i say broke up; he dumped me in an awful way-decided that although he really did care abt me/want to be with me-he couldn't be in a relationship, then he cut all contact with me.

    I'm over him now-obviously not entirely but very much so....but this week despite the fact before this boyfriend i had these opportunities to fool around with randoms i did not whatsoever-i had never even kissed some1 i wasn't technically seeing or in a relationship with. I'm turning 19 soon btw.

    But this week i've messed around with 2 diff guys-who i met on the day i messed around with them-they are friends of friends not total strangers, and one thing just led to another; basically mutual masturbation, boob play and kissing.

    I don't understand why i'm doing these things all of a sudden, without an emotional connection-when that is not my personality-i get very attached to boys who show they like me, v. quickly.

    Anyone got any psychological insight?

    maybe it's a displacement thing? your chanelling your sexual energy on other guys? or that your self esteem is now affected / low that attention from guys make you feel better?
    one thing's for sure though; you're not over your ex.

    Prepare yourself for a lot of 'if, buts and maybes' here in reply - it's hard to analyse why you may act this way without actually knowing anything about you other than what you've given BUT it may be that you were shy towards experiencing anything sexually before your relationship, and now you've experienced things you are a lot more 'loose' about such things. I think a lot of people have that, when the first time for sexual things seems like such a big deal, then once that's gone you feel a lot more confident in participating sexually. Or depending on how you felt towards your ex, you could be getting into these physical relationships as a way of getting over him (i know you said you are over him, but i mean over the hurt you say he caused you) as physical closeness is a good way of increasing your general self-esteem and confidence.

    I know I got into a physical relationship with someone really soon after i broke up with a long-term boyfriend, who i kid myself into believing i was over, and i simply did it as a rebound and in part to hurt myself because i knew i'd hurt someone else - sounds odd but yeh..

    Both answers are simply speculation but are possibilites hope that's somewhat helpful?
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