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Sorry this is long, I don't really know how to make it shorter, but any help is extremely appreciated - thank you.

So, I'm currently on my second last week of college, and I've pretty much been bombarded with a bunch of out-of-the-blue remediation for Recording Financial Transactions. And by the way, the last time I went to a financial transactions class during this course was around Christmas. That was 6 months ago. This was because financial transactions was replaced with human resource early since the tutor I have actually had operation on her hip or something and was out for 6 months.

For context: this is my first year ever studying at a college.

Here's my course specification before I get down into details.

IT in Business: Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Databases - An Introduction
IT in Business: Word Processing and Presentation Applications
IT in Business: Spreadsheets
IT in Business: Databases
Office Administration
Digital Technologies for Administrators
Recording Financial Transactions
Personal Development Planning
Business Communication
Economic Issues: An Introduction
Human Resource Management: Introduction
Business Law: An Introduction
Marketing: An Introduction
Graded Unit 1

So apparently, I have 3 outstanding assessments for Recording Financial Transactions. The problem with this is that I've *never* been good with mathematics or financial things in general - I've only got a NAT 4 in Mathematics (that's how bad I am). I dropped maths back in 4th year of academy (secondary school) and didn't ever look back on it. I hated it. What makes matters worse is that this class is apparently a core unit.

I had to pop in and do these assessments, and I tried, I really did - but my mind just drew a blank. I had no idea what to do. There was all these things about cash book, pretty cash, vat, gross pay, day book etc... I tried my best explaining to my tutor that I was never really good with mathematics or finance in general, but she doesn't seem to get it. She said for me to just focus on getting my core units out of the way (I have a few remediation to do for other assessments for HRM - which I know a lot of stuff for), and to come and see her during the resulting week/or next week if I finish my remediation for other core units first.

The thing is though, I *know* I won't be able to do this by myself. I *know* it is impossible for me to sit down and do these 3 assessments by myself - my brain just doesn't work with maths. It's incredibly embarrassing and depressing to think about.

Anyways, would it be possible for me to skip this core unit somehow? I'm thinking about going to my guidance tutor tomorrow and explaining to her that I just can't do the finance assessments. Is it even possible to skip 1 core unit? Does my case get helped if my tutor was basically one of the reasons why I can't do it, since she was absent for 6 months - leaving me with no revision and coming out of the blue with this?

If anyone can just inform me if there is a possible way to somehow not do the 3 financial transactions assessments/or anything of the sort, please help. Or if it's not possible to pass the HNC due to this. Thank you.

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