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ok I want to tell my story that I don't know what is this that I usually have it's that when I go outside or maybe inside my mind tells me to hurt myself and when I am outside my mind tells me to hurt myself it's really scary and don't know what it is and dont wanna go doctors cuz I hate going to appointments and I am a person who stays inside mostly and goes outside hardly like going shopping or friends house or have fun like people do and dont have any relatives as they are in my country so it's boring life for me and I have been living in this country for 10 or 11,years ago and was born in Italy and its been 12 years since I saw a wedding of my uncle I have health problems as well and I talk very less to people as I am shy and be isolated mostly and my family tells me to communicate more and I do try so any advice pls
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There is an important line in your post.
I hardly go outside.
This is affecting your mental health in many ways.
First Vitamin D comes mainly from sun exposure not from food.
So unless you take vitamin supplements you are likely to be low in Vitamin D.
Also from October to April you naturally get little Vitamin D.

Lack of Vitamin D will result in low energy levels and possible depression.
Your general health will also be poor.
This alone may well account for your feelings of needing to hurt yourself.

Second you are lacking social contact with others and so are not learning confidence and social
skills for dealing with the public.

This will make you retreat further into yourself.

You will also become entirely emotionally dependant on your family.

How would you cope with getting a job or going to University?

You need to change your lifestyle immediately.

Get to your GP and ask for a Vitamin D test and general health check.

You also need to get some counselling for your mental health issues or self harm could become suicide.

You also need to take some steps to improve socially.

Try volunteering perhaps at the local dog/cat shelter.

Could you join a local exercise class or go sing in a choir.

Try the notice boards of the local library / supermarket for cheap local events going on.
Also the local newspaper.
Only you can change your life and no one else.
So please make a start and it will become easier.
Do not waste your youth as it does not last long enough!
Have courage and your life will start to improve.
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Thank you so much for the advice

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