Slow health downfall in an important time- ADVICE PLEASE

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On the summer of 2016 I was getting fit and healthy, I managed to experiment and keep at it for a year. Then 2017 summer, all was good, but my diet was a bit bad, I was trying to gain some weight and well overfed on a lot of protein rich food and carbs.So, had to go back to school starting September. New environment, travelling via bus, had to walk a short distance only before. All was good, except IBS symptoms probably due to my recent diet change also waking up early to catch the bus. But bizarre things happened on the bus, by "bizarre" I mean people reacting off around me, I know the reason now, I had an odor around me, basically stank the bus up, had no clue because my hygiene was on point ( shower, teeth, clothes, hair, so on).

Things kept going on like this on the bus and I was oblivious for sometime until hearing comments or seeing side faces from stranger. I went from my peaceful world to being anxious every morning. But it was manageable, in school I was safe.Or so I thought, obviously I was more oblivious than one could guess. People around me in school started commenting on a bad odor, indirect comments from random students.

For 3 months from Dec to around Mar, I was in a bad mental state. However, done little processing over this, expect numbing myself so it wouldn't matter and in the process I am irritable and distant but at least I am getting through my exams. I am in Year 13. I have tried many things, I came across tmau, I went on the diet, helped a lot so I might have this. I went to doctors too, haven't told them in detail except IBS symptoms, did test, nothing serious, I just have a food diary going.

I had one incident after my an exam, few days before a boy had commented on a smell from me when I was going somewhere in school, it wasn't bad I shrugged it off and ignored it as one does. But after I went home I guess I reacted to this whole thing, couldn't stop obsessing over it. Anyways, for my exam, which went well, barely got sleep, still had to remain in class. I managed to produce the worst potency of odor I had ever. I am positive it was from me, it confirmed my suspicion of maybe it is TMAU. This was the worst incident I have had. Since then made sure to get enough sleep at all times, failed, but I don't feel much just work but losing efficiency due to feeling vacant.

I want to know is it worth for me to trudge against this, I am doing it already, and get my A levels grade, which I am hoping for are A's or A*'s or am I doing a lot of irreversible mental damage here? This year has been traumatic but I will deal with it after exams. Would any of this be a valid reason for being affected in my exam results or is it weak willed to say so? Should I mention this to uni or my teachers in case or my family?

Please offer me some insight on this. I can ignore this all and move forward but I am afraid this might turn me into a robot, which is quite cool too. Keep in mind this is an on and off thing with the odor but it can get real bad.

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Check out "test my intolerences".
With this you send off a hair sample which is tested for intolerences against food and non food items ( 600).

IBS is essentially something effecting your bowel.

Allergies and intolerance show up differently.
NHS only differ elimination diet and not this for intolerance.

Allergies are life threatening and can kill you.
Intolerance will not but may make you feel very uncomfortable.

It at least narrows down the list of potential problems to a small list.
Costs approx £40 ago or £10 extra for a test of nutrition deficiencies.

This may help you find the answer.
I had a problem with intolerences to diary products which can result in sulphur type smells.

Also check out fishy odour syndrome which is caused by a metabolic syndrome.

You have not detailed the type of smell you cause but see a GP for help.

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