key people in weimar and nazi germany 1918-45? Watch

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exam is tomorrow who are the key people (what did they do)?
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(Original post by Kierenadd)
exam is tomorrow who are the key people (what did they do)?

I have a guide which it wont let me attach pdf, but if you pm me an e-mail I can send it there. Might be too much for you.

Key individuals within Germany Unit
•Friedrich Ebert– First man in charge of Weimar Republic
•Gustav Stresemann– Weimar leader who began to sort out German problems
•Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg– leaders of the Communists group The Spartacists who failed to seize power
•Dr Wolfgang Kapp– led the Freikorps in a failed attempt to seize power in the Kapp Putsch
•Paul Von Hindenburg– President of Germany. Appoints various chancellors including Hitler
•Franz Von Papen and Kurt Von Schleicher– the two chancellors directly before Hitler who failed to deal with the Nazi threat and get Germany out of economic problems
•Ernst Rohm– Leader of Hitler’s SA. Murdered in the Night ofthe Long Knives
•Heinrich Himmler– In charge of the SS and a main person behind the Final Solution to mass murder the Jews in extermination camps by gas
•Joseph Goebbels– In charge of Propaganda for the Nazis
•Hermann Goring– In charge of Hitler’s 4 year plan to get Germany ready for war. In charge of Luftwaffe (German AirForce) too.
•Reinhard Heydrich– In charge of the Gestapo and another main person behind the Final Solution. Assassinated in1942 by a Czech man
•Robert Ley–In charge of DAF (German Labour front) strictly controlled the workers in Nazi Germany. E.g no Trade Unions, wages frozen.
•ADOLF HITLER –Leader of the Nazi Party. Chancellor of Germany.Fuhrer of Germany

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