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Just looking for some advice really,
I have been accepted onto a history pgce course, and after the induction I am unsure if this is what I want to do and if it's too late to start applying for a primary pgce.
Some background, my undergraduate degree is in educational Psychology, and this is what I would like to pursue at PhD level, but experience with children in full term employment is required & also it is very competitive so I was thinking teaching is a good stable job option while applying, with also room for development if I choose to stay on.

I"m just looking for any advice, I'm thinking there is a lot of subject knowledge I don't know for the history pgce and is taking the primary pgce an easier route, considering my future career goals? If so any further advice about application and withdrawing them History pgce application is much appreciated
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Primary PGCEs are a bit more competitive to get a place on, so you may struggle to find a place for this September. Primary often has a high workload as well- you shouldn't think it's an easy option.

You're probably going to be doing this job for the next 2-5 years, so I would seriously research both options. Have you done any work experience with primary aged children? I wasn't sure which route to go down either, so I did a week's work experience in both types of schools. Personally, I preferred secondary aged children, and I liked being able to teach one subject which I'm interested in/passionate about.

Presumably the uni thinks your history subject knowledge is good enough?

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