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I left school with no friends as I got bullied. I haven't made serious friends since college and focused a bit too much on myself. I'm now 19 turning 20 in December and I want to improve my social life dramatically, be able to go parties and link ups. How would I change it dramatically? knowing this is the social media era
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There's 2 main ways I can think of

1 - Try to meet as many ppl as possible and eventually some you will vibe with , lets say you have a 1% chance of getting good vibes with someone and being 'serious friends '

if you meet 50 ppl, 1% is only half a person so no chance
if you meet 80 ppl, 1% is 0.8 ppl which is technically still not a person
if you meet more than 100ppl then you have a good chance of at least 1 person

so try and do more volunteering/work/go to events/socials and meet as any ppl as possible in general

2 - Try to meet ppl with similar interests / hobbies eg at societies or sports/arts clubs , this means the chance that you will vibe with ppl that already share some common ground goes up so instead of 1% its more like 5-15% chances for each person you meet in this case.

the math is very crude and very inaccurate but it conveys the message clear enough

just be true to yourself, confident and somewhat optimistic but not overly so and I'm sure you will be fine - meet lots of ppl and try to meet ppl with some similarities too and keep trying!

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