Beyond Gcse 2018 (Useful And Advice needed)

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first of all i want to thank you for taking time out of your day to reply to a random strager in the internet.If you are busy pleases watch this post and come back to it as this will be sort of lengthy.

As you know gcses are almost over this year and there are a few dilemmas that Im facing that I want some help on.

For starters I have a plethora of revison material,as In huge amount of revision guides workbooks and practice exam papers,and honestly from an unbiased prespective they are In great condition.since Im the younest i cannot pass them on to a sibling,and there is no point of me keeping them and wasting space,so I was wondering about which sites are the best to sell this type of stuff as I have little to no experience with online selling I want to make the most profit possible out of these guys so im down to try and use anything as long as its safe feel free to post sites and hacks to make the most profit.

Now for the summer holidays,I have a habit of wasting my time and coming back to school unmotivated and extremely negative.this year i want to get a job,now i know what you are thinking just why? well basically if my gcses dont go to plan i want something to fall back on and i have always had a taste for the finer things which were always out of my parents reach now dont get me wrong but my parent have always provided everything but there are somethings that i cannot possibly have,and money will help me obtain without having to wait long periods of time.

i live in the west midlands specifically wolverhampton which has a high employment rate if anyone knows any places were 16 year old can be imployed for a decent wage(i dont mind how long the shift is in fact the longer the better) please reply about places that provide work placemnts not just wolverhampton if travel is necessery im willing to make the journey for a decent paying job.higher than minimum wage? or is that a stretch

now to the elephant the room my gcse results if im honest i dont expect much i already have a distinction in business and an A* in arabic i also have a certificate from the brilliant club programe (google it) but as for the rest im not confident that I have the 6s,7s and 8s basically mediocre pases i expect to be rejected from my choosen sixth form so what are my options

now if i miraculously get into sixth form i think i want to get neurology but honestly im open to any subject as long as it results in a job with high pay (as shallow as that sounds) so what gcse options do you recommend for me to choose.

now i do belive that iwas misguided going into gcses and i wasnt shown the full picture which is going to cause my due to be tragic results,do you have any advice on how to prepare for a levels what to do and how to prepare to make sure i get the best results and live up to my potential (something i certainly havent done with my gcses)

thank you again very so much if you have read all the above it truly means the world to me i look forward to interacting with your comments

have a nice day.

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