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Hello guys. I was wondering what options would be fit for me as it will be next year when I finally decide what subjects I would like to take for my GCSE exams in 2 years time. In my state school, it is compulsorary to take a short course PRE course which I must embrace (yikes!). I have also chosen to choose triple science instead of double science despite not wanting to work in any science related branches when I am older. I have already made 2 choices. These 2 choices are geography and business studies. Geography is something that I am interested, and I do very well in. I would like to work in the business sector when I am older. I am however very cautious about what I should choose for my third GCSE (yes, we take 3). I have 3 main choices in mid although it really comes down to the first 2. The 3 choices are: ART AND DESIGN, COMPUTER SCIENCE OR FRENCH. Firstly art and design. People call me good at art and say that I should take it for gcse. Although, I did choose 2 languages over extra DT. Will this impact me in art overall? I know that design and technology may have a slight impact on art. Secondly computing. Generally not a subject that I enjoy particularly but one that may be useful in the business sector and in this day and age. I do well in it but it is excessively boring for me. My parents do approve of it however. Finally french. This is a language that I enjoy very much and I consistently achieve high in. I just don't want my parents to know that I chose a language for Gcse. My mum is completely helpless with languages and would straight up criticize me immediately if I chose to do a language for gcse. However I do think French is the easiest. Art 2nd and computing 3rd. Please help me as I have a considerably short time left! Thanks for your consideration and don't let this post pass by . Thanks
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i would highly recommend computer science.
french becomes increasingly harder at gcse especially with the new specification

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