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Hi, can anyone help me ASAP. i have an English exam tomorrow and just doing some last minuet revision. Does anyone know the success criteria for question 2,3,4 and 5 for paper two - english.
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is this aqa english lang?
here's the a0s for the sections:

question one- a01, you need to be able to pick information out of the text, sometimes these details are not always obvious.
question two- a01, being perceptive will gain you higher marks eg. reading between the lines
question three- a02, just language analysis. remember subject terminology and try to be exhaustive with your analysis. always link it back to the question as they'll ask how language is used for a certain effect or purpose.
question four- a03, you can look at both language and structure but it's important to remember that you are comparing the two texts. use good comparative connectives and make sure you know what you're talking about.
question five- a05, you need to be able to write a good piece of non-fiction writing. try to make your voice and opinion clear- make it personal. you should have good grammar and your writing should be well structured eg. coherent as 16 of the 40 marks are for technical accuracy. try to think outside the box as the examiner'll be marking many of these questions in the summer. you need to be considerate of the purpose of the text and who would read what you're writing eg. is it adults, children? have a variety of sentence starters and structures but don't be too overambitious.

i'll move this to the english forum

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