Edexcel English Language Coursework. (A Level)

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Just a bit puzzled over Coursework for English Language - does it have to be on one genre i.e. a transcript but is presented in two different ways? My chosen topic is on why the education system is failing in the UK (hopefully Edexcel won't kill me for that!!), but I'm so confused how I'm meant to go about creating it. I thought about making a speech from a TED Talk from a teenagers perspective, so it would be more personal, persuasive and creates a sense of unity between other students that can relate etc and then I was thinking of creating a transcript from a Radio Podcast from a Radio station called 4Thought which would be more informative and factual (aka gather info and statistics from journals). I gathered this would create a divide in target audience, so the TED Talk would cohere with younger generations, and the Radio show being adults and such driving home from work etc. This is the correct way of going about the Coursework? Please let me know if I've went wrong somewhere, because I don't quite understand what Edexcel want me to do here! Also how do you go about finding style models for your chosen genre/topic/audience?

I am just a little confused with it all and I want to get my head around it before we properly start it in September.

Thanks 😊

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