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Hi! I have a firmed offer to study Pharmacology at Bath in September (fingers crossed I get in) and I chose the Quads as my first choice for accomodation.
While talking to a friend who has just finished her first year at Bath, I was told that the Quads have a bad reputation for being the "posh kid" accomodation. I was also told people get made fun of for living in the Quads and stuff gets stolen from there for "points"
Is this true? I can't help to be worried about my choice now :/
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Hey, it's worth asking in the accommodation thread if you ahven't seen it already :woo:
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Hey there,

I just finished my first year at Bath. I lived in Eastwood.
During Freshers' week there was a bit of rowdiness towards the quads. I remember chants of 'F*** the quads' and yes, the occasional drunk person trying to steal the infamous quads beanbags.

However this definitely dies down after Freshers' week. I think it sounds more intimidating than it actually is. Think more like drunk rowdiness and immaturity rather than actual dislike for the quads. Whatever happens, it will be in the name of Freshers' fun and craziness, maybe you'll bond with your flatmates over it, and it definitely dies down after the first week.

The uni does also have an absolutely fantastic security team that are pretty much always on call. Give them a call (you'll be told the number when you come to uni), and they will come to your accomodation and sort out any unwanted rowdiness.

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