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Hey!So, just finished year 11, but now I'm thinking of buying the A Level textbooks just to get one step ahead (apparently it's hard work). However, this hasn't been as easy as I had hoped.Sure, for economics, there is just one textbook for my exam board. But with history, I am doing two different aspects, exam board AQA, yet some textbooks say A level, some say AS, and I swear there should be new ones out by now since we no longer do AS. Anyway, the Making of Modern Britain (1951-2007) and The Quest for Political Stability: Germany, 1871-1991 are the ones my college is doing. Can anyone send a link to these textbooks on Amazon? And do they have a new edition out, all would the 2015 ones be just fine? Thanks!
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Not gonna comment on any other books available for the modules as I don't have any personal experiences with this

But u should really get this one- https://www.amazon.co.uk/My-Revision.../dp/1471876284 (for modern britain) wonderful textbook and fully recommend it

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