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I have always had a great interest in working with animals but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do career-wise when I left school and I didn’t believe I would get the points to get into vet school so I opted for what I was good at- biology. I did my undergraduate in Biological & Biomedical Science and I rushed into a Masters in Biodiveristy and Conservation really thinking it through as I thought I wanted to work with nature. I graduated from my Masters a year ago now and I realize that this career isn’t the career for me.

What I would really like to do is veterinary medicine. I know that there are graduate routes in the UK and Ireland but they are quite expensive and I already have a loan to pay off from my previous Masters. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or experience of any other routes I could take to pursue veterinary medicine? Would doing the veterinary nursing course and transferring to veterinary medicine be an option for me?
Thanks for your help! ☺️
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You cannot transfer into vet med from vet nursing. A veterinary medicine degree is your only option for breaking into the industry but it needn't be in the UK. There are several universities in mainland Europe that teach the veterinary course fully or partially in English, for example Kosice, Brno, Budapest, Warsaw and Valencia. I don't know what tuiton fees are for these places but for several of them the cost of living is substantially less. Since you already have a degree you would probably be eligible to study the course in four years rather than the standard six.

There's a few threads on here about foreign vet schools, as well as some links in the resources thread.

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