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Hi everyone, I just wanted to know if any of you guys had any suggestions as to what modules I should choose for my second year studying accounting and finance at Durham University. I have to choose two from: 1) Macroeconomics and International Finance: Content: Understanding the macroeconomic contextEconomic Growth: capital accumulation, endogenous growth, convergence, technological progressInternational trade and globalisationLabour markets and unemploymentBusiness cycle analysis and stabilisation policyDemand management. the extended IS-LM-AD-AS modelThe role of government, fiscal and monetary policy, and inflationExchange rates and open economy macroeconomics 2) Microeconomics for Finance Content: intermediate microeconomic theory and applications.the neo-classical theories of demand and supply.rational behaviour of consumers, firms and investors.profit-related objectives of firms.competitive, monopolistic, and oligopolistic markets.3) Financial Markets and Institutions Content:Overview of the financial system;Types of financial intermediaries;The banking industry;Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds;Financial regulation;Central banks and the conduct of monetary policy;Money markets;Bond markets;Foreign Exchange markets;Introduction to derivative markets and financial risk management;Introduction to options markets;Properties of options;Trading strategies and hedging positions;Forward and futures markets;Swap markets;Securitisation and its role in the 2008 financial crisis4) Principles of Business Law Content: The English Legal Framework - nature and sources of English law, litigation, the court system and alternative dispute resolutionTort law - negligence; product liability; defective premises; nuisance; defences.Contract Law - offer, acceptance, consideration, intention; privity; capacity; contract terms; statutory terms implied in contracts for sale of goods and services; vitiating factors.Agency lawBusiness organisationsCompany formation and administrationCompany management - officers, meetings, shareholder protectionCompany liquidationEmployment lawIntellectual property law5) Introduction to TaxationContent: Objectives and types of taxEthics and administrationIncome tax and national insurance contributionsCapital gains tax and corporation tax on chargeable gainsCorporation taxValue Added Tax (VAT)Introduction to overseas aspects of taxAny advice would be helpful! Thank you

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