Both in relationships but we like eachother

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Hey guys,
So recently, me and my ex got back in contact and he confessed to me that he has liked me since we broke up, which was about 4 years ago. I admitted that i have liked him too for a while. The problem is we're both in relationships; they've been together 9 months and my bf and i have been together just over a month. The other day me, my bf and my ex went off after leaver's day and decided to play spin the bottle. It ended up that me and my ex kept kissing each other in front of my bf! My bf said he was cool with it, however, my ex texted me that night telling me how much he enjoyed kissing me and i must say i felt the same way. Then today, me and my ex decided to meet up before a exam retake and ended up making out! I seriously do NOT know what to do! Our partners don't know that we're seeing each other behind their backs and my ex says that he wants to be friends with benefits but i want to be something more...
What should i do?
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1. Stop meeting behind your partner's back.
2. Make sure that what you want and what he wants are the same. Your interests need to be aligned.
3. Ask yourself is he worth it? Why did you break up last time? Did you have any problems before? Will these problems happen again? Who would you be happier with?
4. If you find that he is worth it, leave your partners and start dating.

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