5 Years at University to come out with a 3rd

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Hi new to TSR so if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it.

So I wanted to put this out their to possibly get some help but also as a cautionary tale. I have wanted to be a physiotherapist/sports all my life and I have studied harder than I thought I could whilst at school and college to get excellent grades to earn myself a place on a Sports therapy course. The problem is it seems that after my first year I lost all motivation and unknown to me at the time fell into a deep depressive state.

My first year was great the course was everything I expected and I had never been so happy to be in a classroom. My second year started very much in the same vain with me attending classes all the time and getting good grades in my first semester. During the Christmas break however I had some family issues that greatly effected me, and on my return to university I was no longer motivated. I stopped going to classes with the mindset that I can revise of the released power point slides and all would be goo, However without the lecturers narrating over them a lot of the points on the slides made next to no sense and so I had screwed myself, even failing all my resits and having to retake all my second year again.

During my retake of the year I did not learn my lesson and did much of the same, not going to class at all this time and getting lucky I made friends with someone willing to share their notes with me. I still failed to find the motivation to revise until a week or two before the exam and as a result I just scrapped by. During the summer break I was motivated that I would get myself out of the rut I was in and that I was just being lazy by not attending classes or revising. Third year roles around and much of the same again and as a result I got my results back the other day and I passed everything with results ranging from 40-50 but failed my dissertation with a 35, honestly that thing was trash on paper so no surprise. Now I have to redo my dissertation but I am also resting my final year as I intentionally failed the placement module by not handing in the work. You see most jobs in my field are not specifying what grades they want only that an honours is required and for me to get my honours I will need 200 hours of placement which I don't have. So although I am coming out with a 3rd I am going for honours to give myself a chance of actually getting a job in the field all be it a slim one.

after my exams were over I went to see a doctor about my sleeping habits and sudden weight gain and he informed me I was deeply depressed which came as a shock to me but when I began to think back on it, it sort of made sense. I had realised a while back but brushed it off as "I have always been too strong willed to be depressed" but I should have admitted it and sought help as my parents have been nothing but supportive since that appointment with the doctors.

The point of me telling you all this is that I am hoping new undergraduate students won't make the same mistakes I made. I was motivated and driven at school and college but lost it all at the most crucial time in my development of a career and as such I may now have a heap of debut and a degree that I can't use after dreaming about this career choice since I was in y9. Also if any of you are suffering with depression like I was don't be too prideful or ashamed to seek help, it is something I wish I had done much earlier had my ego allowed me to do it. As for me I have no idea what the future holds but I am so much more motivated not than I ever was at university that I may see if I can go back in a year or two and try to get a better grade. Sorry for the wall of text and I wish all and new students the best of luck in their university paths.

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