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I've had dramas with this guy who I had a thing with, and wanted advice from my best friend. At first she said that I was wasting too much mental energy on the situation, but I specifically asked for heartfelt advice (What would you do in your were in my shoes, what do you think the best route of action is, etc), then she said it was best to cut him off, etc, then I told her that I was unsure what to reply to the texts he'd sent, then she snapped,

"Can you seriously not tell whether or not you want him in your life?""Like how indecisive are you""Why is he so important""Why do you always do this - you always end up asking me pointless questions about some boy that wronged you"

I was confused because this was the only boy who I felt has wronged me, and the only time I've come to her for boy advice. Then she clarified that I alluded to the same situation a few months ago, and there was another guy's comments on my body during a date. But I wasn't "coming to her for advice" for the latter situation - she wanted to know how the date went, so I recounted it all to her, and she was the one who got upset over those body comments. And while I did allude to the same situation before, I had in no way asked for advice. It was this one time, because things had escalated to the point where I felt like I needed some guidance. I'm just confused about the exaggerated "always", as if I'm being a nuisance, when in reality this is the first time I've come to her for advice. Plus, I thought friends were supposed to help each other out...
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She was expressing herself in a hyperbolic way. People do this all the time.

Don't take everything that everyone says literally.

The core message of her advice may well be sound. You may be spending too much mental energy thinking about your relationship with this boy. You may also be better off dumping him. What do you think? is this good advice or bad?

Give your friend a big hug for me, next time you see her. Do the same with your boyfriend too, even if things aren't going to last.
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I guess you must have overseasoned her.

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