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I work in retail. I have done since October 2016. So ive been there for 1 and a half years.

Go back to when i first started and around a year ago. I absolutely loved my job. We were like one big family. We could have banter with each other and we just had fun as we worked.

But unfortunately as time progressed, one by one, people left. These people meant something to me and we were all one tight knit group.

Unfortunately today, another of my close friends left. Now from the fun people we had, theres only like 2 people left. And even they have started getting a negative vibe as the atmosphere at work isnt as good as it used to be.

The new manager is quite strict so theres less freedom. Before we used to have the freedom to roam around the store and talk to whoever and we still used to do work at the same time. This freedom allowed us to enjoy ourselves and it also motivated us to reach sales targets and stuff. Now, its just feels like your in high school again and we all lack motivation due to the new approach of the new manager.

The previous staff members have moved on to better things and a reunion is very unlikely. Plus the new staff are *****y and stuck up. Its really lost the family feeling there once was.

Plus i have just finished uni and in need of a grad job. But in my degree of Art and Design, its very difficult to find a grad job as its in London with poor pay. Its just not feasable. I dont want another job in retail, i want to get a job in the career that i want, which is Art and Design.

What do i do guys?
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(Original post by Il971)
i want to get a job in the career that i want
Then be an entrepreneur; pursue freelance assignments; launch an Etsy store. Predicating three years of one's life and £30,000(?) of debt upon the unexamined notion that the employment market will somehow magically re-shape itself to accommodate your arbitrarily chosen discipline is, frankly, tragic.

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