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I'm from Croatia (18y old), currently I am student at the high school of computer science and electronics in Croatia. Education system in Croatia is very bad so next year, after finishing high school, I think to apply to the university in UK and study computer science (myb with AI).
In the high school I am the best student, 3rd grade I passed with 5.0 out of the 5.0, I went to Android studio course-test and i passed it(by udacity) . Now I am going to Java test ( by Oracle academy). I have a knowledge of the c#, c++, java, a bit of Linux, had a project with the raspberry pi( smart home system) - worked with some protocols, arduino... Also I'm good at maths (but not so good at english).
My problem is that I don't know what I am capable of and how hard are those universities. I would like to study computer science on some quality university. I thought of applying to the Nottingham Trent University, but I have a feeling that NTU is for average students, not so successful students, am I wrong?( After graduation I would like to work at world top companies.)
In that case I would try to apply to the University of Birmingham.
Now my question is how big knowledge has students that apply to Nottingham trent University, University of Birmingham and so on.
Excuse my english

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