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I’ve applied to two sixth form places, both which show that they have a good reputation. One is a sixth form that pretty traditional (that is attached to the school) and so that it would be smaller compared to a sixth form college or FE college. The another one is also a sixth form except that it is not attached to a school and that there would be a lot of people compared to sixth form.

Since I visited both of the sixth forms recently, I been getting a lot of mixed feelings as to whenever I should go to a sixth form 1 or sixth form 2.

I’m going to pinpoint some advantages and disadvantages as to why I want/not want to go there.

Sixth form 1
*Great A level and BTEC results
*Outstanding Sixth form
*Good Careers guidance
*Subjects i’ve chosen seem really cool
*Close to home
*Able to take part in some extra curricular activities
*A specialist UCAS guidance

*People seem to not want to get to know one another. Everyone seems to be completely focused on their social groups, leaving me extremely excluded from the groups(being naturally shy doesn’t help either)
*Teachers are great however give out less enthusiasm compared to sixth form 2
*Students seem extremely rude and self centred
*I just don’t like the school environment anymore. The general system and how people act there is like I don’t belong there because of my educational background and how the hierarchy tends to feed my insecurities of being less smart( People used to bully me for that but that’s a story for another time)
*Less extra curricular activities so less choices on how I can improve my career options.

Sixth form 2
*Teachers and Students seem really chill and cool
*Sixth form provides inclusivity in the environment(makes me feel like I belong there)
*managed to impress one of the most difficult teachers at the sixth form
*All the subjects seem really cool
*many extra curricular activities
*one to one intervention sessions for all subjects every week
*Great results for student progression
*no detentions (except mobile phone policy)
*More people at sixth form so easier to make friends
*teachers care more?

*have to get a 5 at English to do Media A Level (other sixth form they are fine with a 4)
*Cannot decide between wanting to do BTEC TV production, A level media or photography a level
*Less impressive results than the other sixth form
*still struggling to decide xD

In case you want to know what I’m mainly going to be studying, I will be doing Health and Social Care Level 3 Double Award and A level Media at the moment but that is subject to change xD.

Although it is technically my responsible to decide on where I should go, I’m literally stuck in a rut as to where I want to go since that I seriously don’t want to regret my decision during the first month that I’m in sixth form as that’s prone to happen at some point and that I just wish I can get this off my mind right now xD
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I think it's pretty clear which Sixth Form is better for you. Go to number 2. Good luck with your choice!
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number 2 imo
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It sounds like subconciously you may have decided. Option 2 sounds a lot better than 1 from what you have written, especially if you no longer want to be in a very school-ish environment. Obviously it will pay to go to more open days if you can, and even if results are not as impressive for the sixth form as a whole the most important result at the end of the day is the one you yourself will achieve.

Plus teachers caring more and a more inclusive environment always wins for me, js

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