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Hi everyone

I did Finance for my Bachelor's degree and would like "to go with the flow" and get educated in more sophisticated areas of finance, i.e. I am more intrigued by mathematics, statistics and programming, which is why I would rather do a Masters in Quant Finance than simply Finance. I have applied to following:

- Cass Business School (MSc in Quant. Finance) --> offer
- UCL (MSc in Computational Finance) --> rejected
- Birkbeck (MSc Mathematical Finance) --> no decision yet
- University of Liechtenstein (MSc in Finance) --> offer
- Queen Mary University (MSc in Financial Computing or MSc in Mathematical Finance) --> no decision yet
- University of Essex (MSc in Computational Finance) --> offer
- Royal Hollowy (MSc in Computational Finance) --> offer

I can't really decide which option is the best for me. Because I have a background in the banking/finance sector, I'd like to stay in that branch, or do something with crypto/data science, but in finance related fields. My goal is to land a job in quant. asset management, quant. analyst or trading. Going through job descriptions I realised that programming, mathematics etc. is more and more a must. That's why I am aiming for a Quant Master instead of "just" finance, even though I have applied to Liechtenstein, which is a relatively a more mathematical/technical finance master compared to others.

I thought studying in London would be a great life experience, would push my CV forward and for those unis in london this is a big plus, especially the chance to network with fellow students and potential employers. The downside is the price tag, some (Cass) are very expensive. But studying Finance in one of the biggest financial centres world wide can't be something bad ...

A big plus in my opinion for Uni Essex is that the programme is accredited by the IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology). This accreditation is increasingly sought by employers, and provides the first stage towards eventual professional registration as a Chartered Engineer (CEng)

I thought a second option could be to do the Masters in Finance and the re-apply with more work experience and a MSc to top tier universities like UCL to do the MSc in Comp. Finance.

So, what are you opinions? What would be the best pick from the list above?

Thank you in advance guys, I could really need some help!

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