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I have a french flatmate who is apparently very sensitive with noices. He has his room near the kitchen (2 walls apart) . I know the guy is sensitive with noices and I tryed to be very quiet to not bother him and respect him. But last saturday night my ex-girlfriend came over to have dinner and 10.15 pm we was in the kitchen and the guy came shouting “ stop ****ing talking and shut the ****ing door” in a very rude-intimidating-agressive way.

I said to him “ man is 10 oclock and we are just chatting” then he said “ that doesnt give you the right to talk”. He banged the door in a very rude way and left. My ex girlfriend and I freaked out and we thought this is not right.

Next day I saw him on the kitchen and he said , “apologies to your friend last night but you distubed me when i was reading ”. I got very furious with him and said to him that I have all the right to speak and he said He’s got all the right to read a book in silence and at least I should shut the ****ing door...

A have to say that we never do any parties, any music at home, tvs or anything. Maybe 2-3 dinners a year till 11.00-11.30 oclock on a saturday night and the guy came last 2 times in a explosion of anger . . but He never did that at 10 oclock.

He told me next day in a very agressive and rude way “ How many times I ****ing told you no to make noises “ . and this made me very furious as he did it 2 times in 1 year and at 11.30pm on a saturday night.

I considered him a friend and wasnt expecting that from him, also I would never do that to him. Always I was considerate with him. Also I have to say that my room is next to the shower and people use it all the time, also the toilet and I have to deal with noices, but he told me that this is my probem.

Know I started to thin this guy ****ing rude ******. He has a OCD with noices and is trying to impose his rules being rude and agressive. and I dont take that. if he is polite I dont have a problem to be more careful... , but not in a rude way. Also t be honest he is big part of the problem, no me chatting at 10.00 pm. But appartently to this people they have all the right to be rude and agressive.

Also to give you more details. One day he came to the kitchen. I said to him that someone drunk half of a bottle of wine I had. He said to me that someone took a spoon of his ice cream and he went to toilet **** on the ice cream and put it back on the freezer to wait for the guy to do it again, and he said whoever took another spoon and he was laughing in pleasure. Also said that someone took a bit of his shampoo and he wee on the bottle and left it on the shower and people used it. Ones again laughing in pleasure for the revenge..

This freaked me out. At that moment i didnt respond well, but after I Thougth what a maniac. I never take other people stuff but he is putting my health in risk ******** on the fridge.

To go futher , the other day he took a yogurt that wasnt his. then the girl came and said her yogurt was missing and I said to her this guy took it because I saw him. He said after it was a mistake and thought It was his.. Luckily wasnt his if not another **** on the fridge.

Im getting everyday more furios and I gonna have a big one with him . I spoke with the head people on the building and they said that they can’t do anything as I dont have any proof of that , Also said that after 10 oclock we should be quiet but dont say anything about having a small chat while having dinner, So it is something personal now.

What it make me furiuos, this people try to limit other people life with rude and intimidating behavior because always the fault is from others , not from them. And little by little limits other poeple life. You try to undestand them and please them but never enough and they think the have all the right to be more rude and agressive almost bulling you.

So what you think guys, Im very close to have a big crush with him as Im very piss off with him.

What would you do in my case ?

I will keep you updated.

Cheers guys.
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Don't stress about the food stuff - if you're not stealing his stuff it won't affect you - even if he's a nutter.

As for the noise if he's being crazy about it just tell him to f off. Obviously make am effort to close the door etc but if you're being fair and it's only 10pm then tell him to do one.

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